Review MXK PDB

Review MXK Power Distribution Board PDB with OSD BEC

There it was, THE PDB.

I had never been a fan of “All-in-one” PDBs since if something fails, everything fails ! However, I had such a mess in my ZMR250 that I thought a PDB would be nice to make it cleaner and lighter.

After some research, I had found the perfect one : the MXK PDB. Featuring 5V & 12V BEC, LC Filters and OSD.

MXK PDB Size & Weight :

The weight for the MXK PDB with pins is 8 grs (0.22oz). Very light if you had (like me) everything seperated. That is MinimOSD (8grs), PDB (10grs), LC Filter (10grs), 5V Bec (10grs) so you save 30grs and plenty of space !

MXK PDB weight

As for the size, nothing surprising, we have the conventional 36×36 size, same as the Naze32.

Taille MXK PDB

Flashing process :

There is absolutely nothing complicated about flashing the OSD. It works exactly the same way the MinimOSD does.

It’s even easier since the PDB has a built-in FTDI so just plug your Micro USB cable to your computer and you’re good to go !

For the rest of the flashing process, you can follow my tutorial Naze32, Micro MinimOSD & GPS. It’s the same process.

So what I think about this board :

A friend and I bought one each. Both had the exact same issue : badly filtered video signal output.

When making the video signal go through the PDB (mandatory if you want to get the OSD) we were getting an unusable video feed above 50% throttle. Needless to tell you that I was very disappointed, so was my friend.

The only solution we found was to remove the PDB from the video signal circuit. Thus you lose the OSD but you have a good quality video feed. Here I must say that the video feed was perfect, so the filtering on the 12V output was good but it was crappy on the video signal pins of the PDB.

However, after a month, the 5V output (that was powering a D8RII+ and a Naze32)  started malfunctioning. There were some short brown-outs (0.5s) in flight.

I thus removed the PDB and rolled back to my old configuration.

Conclusion :

Perhaps my friend and I got bad MXK PDBs and the others on the market work perfectly. I would anyway not recommend you to buy one.

Also, keep in mind that many bad reviews that were on Banggood when this PDB came out vanished. Including mine !

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