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Review of the Brother Hobby 2205 2300Kv Motors

Hi everyone,

Brother Hobby sent me 4 BH2205 2300Kv motors for free for review. I want to thank them for that.

I. First impressions

I must say I was impressed by the overall finish of those motors. The design changes a bit from what we usually see and that’s nice to see something new on the market apart from the companies we all know.

What’s in the box

BH2205 Motor

Unlike SunnySky motors you get the screws that are M3 with 2.5mm heads. Thus they’re bigger and stronger than classical M3 screws with 2mm heads. That’s really conforting and you know the screws will hold your motor in place.

Also, Brother Hobby includes a locknut so you don’t lose it on a crash like it happens with simple prop nuts.

Brother Hobby 2205 2300Kv weight

IMG_0078 redim

The weight of this motor with the locknut and the wires is 26.9g which is light for this motor class.

Finish and windings

SunnySky 2207 VS HB2205

The finish is very good and the motor looks neat. The windings are nice as well, as good as SunnySky motors.

Also the motor spins very smoothly which promises some good performances in flight.

What I personally appreciate on this motor is the bell structure. Unlike the SunnySky motors that have 8 small branches to hold the motor shaft, the Brother Hobby motors have 5 strong branches that will surely hold up in case of crash.

II. BH2205 Thrust tests

To have a thorough motor review, the review motor needs of course to go through a thrust stand to measure how much thrust it generates.

Gear used (for the 2nd run) :

BH2205 Thrust test

The list of the props used :

  • 5″ : KK 5040, KK 5045BN, DAL TRI5045BN, GF5045BN.
  • 6″ : GF 6045, KK 6040.

/!\ DO NOT USE 6045BN PROPS /!\  After a few seconds of thrust test I smelled an unpleasant smell and it seems that the motor didn’t like this prop. 


For the 1st run of tests I used a LB20A ESC and a 4S 5000mAh 20C battery. I switched to the setup listed above in order to protect my ESCs since I was afraid to fry my LB20A.

Prop used Thrust (grams) Amps drawn
KK5040 634g 26.04A
KK5045BN 590g 31.33A
GF5045BN 682g 26.26A
TRI5045BN 672g 29.05A
KK6040 894g 31.67A
GF6045 832g 36.02A

For the 2nd run of tests I used a DYS SN30A ESC (BLHeli 14.5) and a 4S 1800mAh 65C battery.

Prop used Thrust (grams) Amps drawn
KK5040 510g 21.18A
KK5045BN 557g 24.47A
GF5045BN 543g 22.33A
TRI5045BN 530g 33.04A
KK6040 700g 28.03A

The results are correct regarding this motor class. We notice that the best efficiency was obtained with King Kong 6040 props.

Still, some other people have seen reduced thrust with 20A ESC and DYS SN series. I’ll run the tests once again when I get a LittleBee 30A ESC.

III. How do they feel in flight ?

I think those motors are perfect for freestyle with 180~220 frame size.

The frame that’s going to be used is a QAV-R 220mm that was equipped with SunnySky 2204 2300Kv motors. Good motors for this frame but 2205 motors should give better performance.

QAV-R Setup (before mounting the BH2205) :

  • SunnySky 2204 2300Kv motors
  • King Kong 5045BN props
  • LittleBees 20A ESC
  • Naze32 w/ Bêtaflight and Luxfloat
  • Tattu 1300mAh 4S 75C battery
  • TS5823S 200mW VTX
  • PZ0420m camera


IV. Conclusions


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    • Hi Peter,
      This motor isn’t available yet but will be very soon, Brother Hobby (the manufacturer) is setting up an e-boutique to sell them online.

      I’ll update the review with a link once it’s online 😉

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