With a 25° FOV

What is FOV in FPV?

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Here is an article to explain to you what F.O.V is in FPV.

I. FOV illustrated :

F.O.V literally stands for “Field of view“, you all know what this means but it can be tricky in video goggles. Here is an illustration :

FOV illustration

What we can infer from this illustration is that bigger the field of view, bigger and more immersing the image will become. I once tried Fatshark RCV922 that have (FOV of 46°), screens were much bigger and more immersing than my Attitude’s (FOV = 35°). The problem appears that bigger the FOV, bigger the picture will be and edges get kind of blurry for some people.

Here is two other illustrations to be clearer. These illustrations aren’t drawn to scale :

FOV =25°

With a 25° FOV

The screen is further, this may give a tunnel sensation. The image is sharp but video goggles are not very immersing.

FOV =45°

With a 45° FOV

With a 45° FOV, screens will be very immersing but not as sharp with the same resolutions. You may also see blurry edges, that what I see with my Attitudes SD.

I also tried the Predator V2, I felt like a tunnel sensation, since the screen is further it’s like a tunnel to get to the screen.This is obviously less immersing but you get a sharper image than what you get with a wider FOV with the same resolution.

II. Examples of various Fields Of View :

Here is comparative of all the Fatshark’s goggles FOV and Skyzone’s, to scale this time!

Comparaison FOV

Dominator HD :

– Field Of View = 45°
– Resolution = 800×600
The screen is huge and seems to be sharp, thanks to the 45° FOV and the 800×600 resolution.



Attitude V2 :

– Field Of View = 35°
– Resolution = 640×480
Smaller screen due to the 35° FOV, the image will be less sharp than the HD’s (640×480)


Dominator V2 :

– Field Of View = 30°
– Resolution = 640×480
Smaller screen because of a narrower FOV (30°) but a sharper image compared to the Attitudes.


Skyzone :

– Field Of View = 30°
– Resolution = 800×480
The screen is stretched because of the 16/9 aspect ratio but the FOV remains the same as the V2’s.

Predator V2 :

– Field Of View = 25°
– Résolution = 640×480
As I mentioned it earlier, the screen is small because of the FOV but the picture quality seems to be acceptable.

Teleporter V3 :

– Field Of View = 25°
– Resolution = 320×240
The screen is small because of the small FOV and the quality doesn’t seem to be good due to low resolution.


Keep in mind that buying video goggles is an investment that you make for years and the FOV is one of main criteria when you make up your mind. This will strongly impact your goggles’ immersion.


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