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Review of the Brother Hobby 2205 2300Kv Motors

Hi everyone, Brother Hobby sent me 4 BH2205 2300Kv motors for free for review. I want to thank them for that. I. First impressions I must say I was impressed by the overall finish of those motors. The design changes a bit from what we usually see and that’s nice to see something new on the market […]

Review MXK PDB

Review MXK Power Distribution Board PDB with OSD BEC

There it was, THE PDB. I had never been a fan of “All-in-one” PDBs since if something fails, everything fails ! However, I had such a mess in my ZMR250 that I thought a PDB would be nice to make it cleaner and lighter. After some research, I had found the perfect one : the […]


Emax SimonK 12A ESCs – Mini Review

Hi guys, In this mini review I’ll tell you what I think of the Emax SimonK 12A ESCs for small quads. They suit perfectly multirotors of ~250mm like the ZMR250. I. Specifications : Working voltage : 2s ~3s Current : 12A Burst current (10s) : 15A BEC : 5V 1A One very important thing you […]