Review Dominator HD

Dominator HD |Review of the new FatShark goggles

Hi guys, After a long wait, I finally got my HD’s in the mail! Since they weren’t available in my country I ordered them from ReadyMadeRC. After 2 months of preorder I finally received them with low custom fees, only $35. I then paid $585 for what follows : Dominator HD 5,8Ghz Fatshark internal VRX […]

With a 25° FOV

What is FOV in FPV?

Hi everyone, Here is an article to explain to you what F.O.V is in FPV. I. FOV illustrated : F.O.V literally stands for “Field of view“, you all know what this means but it can be tricky in video goggles. Here is an illustration : What we can infer from this illustration is that bigger […]

A Dominator HD review coming soon!

Hi everyone, After having thought about it for a few days. I finally pre-ordered the Dominator HD from RMRC (ReadyMadeRC). I have had my Attitude SD for a little bit less than 2 years and I love them, the image quality is good and the FOV is immersive enough! But, three features made me want […]