BH2205 slider

Review of the Brother Hobby 2205 2300Kv Motors

Hi everyone, Brother Hobby sent me 4 BH2205 2300Kv motors for free for review. I want to thank them for that. I. First impressions I must say I was impressed by the overall finish of those motors. The design changes a bit from what we usually see and that’s nice to see something new on the market […]

Review MXK PDB

Review MXK Power Distribution Board PDB with OSD BEC

There it was, THE PDB. I had never been a fan of “All-in-one” PDBs since if something fails, everything fails ! However, I had such a mess in my ZMR250 that I thought a PDB would be nice to make it cleaner and lighter. After some research, I had found the perfect one : the […]


Naze32, Micro MinimOSD & GPS | Tutorial

Hi all, NB: This tutorial won’t cover the basics setup of Baseflight. For my new build : A Quanum Trifecta, I had decided to use a Naze32, a Micro MinimOSD in order to get flight information and a GPS to have coordinates in case of crash. I’m going to explain to you how set this all […]

Switchblade 200 review

SwitchBlade 200 – Review | The cheap Mini Folding Quad

Hi guys, Here is a short review of the Switchblade 200 from Diatone. It’s sold by Hobbyking here. I. Switchblade 200 : One of a kind > What you think when you see pictures of it Before even getting it, some defects are easily noticeable : For instance, the lower part of the frame is only […]


Emax SimonK 12A ESCs – Mini Review

Hi guys, In this mini review I’ll tell you what I think of the Emax SimonK 12A ESCs for small quads. They suit perfectly multirotors of ~250mm like the ZMR250. I. Specifications : Working voltage : 2s ~3s Current : 12A Burst current (10s) : 15A BEC : 5V 1A One very important thing you […]


DIY Micro FPV for $25 | Tutorial

DISCLAIMER I disclaim all responsibility if you break or damage your equipment when following this tutorial. You’ll follow this tutorial at your own risks Hi everyone, After having seen what Flite test did with their Micro FPV module, I thought it was an awesome idea. But too expensive… I then looked on the internet and […]

Review Dominator HD

Dominator HD |Review of the new FatShark goggles

Hi guys, After a long wait, I finally got my HD’s in the mail! Since they weren’t available in my country I ordered them from ReadyMadeRC. After 2 months of preorder I finally received them with low custom fees, only $35. I then paid $585 for what follows : Dominator HD 5,8Ghz Fatshark internal VRX […]

DIY module for Fatshark goggles | 5.8G or 2.4G Boscam

DIY Module for Fatshark Dominator, 5.8G for $15

DISCLAIMER I disclaim all responsibility if you break or damage your equipment when following this tutorial. You’ll follow this tutorial at your own risks NOTE: The 2.4G version is still under testing. My 2.4G version is working with the diagram shown below but the module seems to be defective since there is continuity between ANT […]

With a 25° FOV

What is FOV in FPV?

Hi everyone, Here is an article to explain to you what F.O.V is in FPV. I. FOV illustrated : F.O.V literally stands for “Field of view“, you all know what this means but it can be tricky in video goggles. Here is an illustration : What we can infer from this illustration is that bigger […]

A Dominator HD review coming soon!

Hi everyone, After having thought about it for a few days. I finally pre-ordered the Dominator HD from RMRC (ReadyMadeRC). I have had my Attitude SD for a little bit less than 2 years and I love them, the image quality is good and the FOV is immersive enough! But, three features made me want […]